Aerial Work Platform 2017


Add the number of licenses you need (one for each employee) and assign them to the crew upon purchase. You can have the entire crew up and running within minutes. Each user will receive an email upon assignment and they can start. Sit back and monitor the reports, transcripts, certificates and wallet cards upon each users completion.



The online Aerial Work Platform “AWP” – Manlift course includes: 

Telescoping Boom, Articulating Boom, Vehicle Mounted Platforms, Manually Propelled Platforms, Scissor Lifts, Crane Baskets and Forklift mounted Work Platforms. Transcripts and Certificates are sent electronically immediately after completion, wallet cards are mailed 5-10 business days after completion. Practical assessment workbook provided to Employers for practical verification for each type. Course complies with OSHA,  ANSI and ASME standards, delivered online and easy to use. 24/7 customer support. Click the OSHA Fact Sheet below to read more about the requirements.


Online Aerial Work Platform Training can be accessed anytime anywhere, eliminating being away in a classroom. The courses were built by field tested operators for operators. Our team has taken some of the most difficult concepts and presented them in a format that lays an educational foundation from the ground up. The learning management system is designed to help operators understand their progress in real time which dramatically improves the learning curve. The Audio, video and animation provides an Innovative and engaging experience. Once each learning session is completed you will have a quiz, your results are delivered in real time, and this feature gives you the opportunity to review your results and move ahead. All Training courses are developed in compliance with OSHA ANSI and ASME.


Pre-hire assessment

Skill assessment and cross training

Corporate training Compliance

ASME, ANSI and OSHA Compliant.

Affordable and effortless to get you or your team compliant

No costly time away in a classroom

At your pace, online – anywhere – anytime.

Flexibility for training on-demand accommodating busy production schedules.

Courses lay an educational foundation from the ground up.

Through the Aerial Work Platform program, fleet owners and contractors can rest assured that operators will have the best training resources available. Supervisory Personnel have electronic records of the operators test results. Supervisory personnel have access to summary at a glance features for multiple operator oversight.