Since 2005 Crane College has been developing training resources to the lifting industry. Our programs are used as an employer audited qualification program and certification prep for Rigging Signaling and Mobile Crane operations. We also include Overhead Cranes, Aerial Work Platform and Inspection programs.

Employees are able to access OSHA compliant Crane, Rigging and Signaling training and qualifications  anytime anywhere online. All training meets OSHA qualification requirements and fully prepare you for all state and federal certification prep.

Crane College Rigging

OSHA mandates that all Rigging be conducted by Qualified Riggers. Our program meets these requirements. Employers are to ensure that riggers are qualified to perform assembling & disassembling tasks and load securement. Rigging is one of the most hazardous disciplines, where workers face many risks. Maintaining safety guidelines and precautions are very important. We can help you and your employees by providing professional rigging training to manage safe, productive riggers in the workplace.  

Our OSHA complaint rigging courses are used to train and qualify your Riggers. Thus, the training and records meet State and Federal requirements, we help develop productive and safe riggers. We also offer pre-hire assessment support to companies, so you hire the right candidate for the job. We can also customize the training based on your site specific requirements. 


Crane College Signal Person

Per the new OSHA ruling, a Signal person may be qualified through an employer audited program, our training meets these requirements. The Signal Person should be acquainted with all aspects of signal operations such as site conditions, lift plan, ground conditions, basic rigging, overhead hazards, underground hazards, Hand Signals, Audible Signals, Radio Signals and OSHA regulations.  

Since 2005 Crane College, has been providing professional training resources & OSHA complaint online crane training, we offer easy to use online Signal Person courses that follow OSHA Regulations. We also make sure that your company is compliant with the requirements of all State and Federal regulations. 

Our signal person courses include the following sessions; Introduction to Signaling, Crane Types and Components, Site Evaluation, Crane Stability, Factors that Reduce Capacity, Supporting Surfaces, Electrical Hazards, Operator Aids, Basic Rigging, Safe Operating Procedures, Intro to Load Charts, Hand Signals, and OSHA Regulations etc. 


Crane College Mobile Crane Operator Training NCCCO Prep

Mobile crane operators should have proper knowledge to perform their job properly and safely. We take the responsibility seriously and cover all aspects of mobile crane operator training, thus ensuring that Mobile Crane Operators are qualified and OSHA compliant. Our mobile crane training course include Large Hydraulic, Small Hydraulic, General Industry Knowledge, Load Charts, Lattice Boom Crawler and Lattice Boom Truck Mounted Cranes.  


Professional Online Lifting Training 

Crane College employs a dedicated team of professionals who provide very effective, professional and accredited rigging training, crane operator training and signal person training and OSHA compliant documentation. We are a leading training provider known for providing industry-standard, viable and expert training. We comprehensively help our clients by offering specialized training, paperwork and documentation needed for OSHA compliance.  

We offer flexible features to our clients by keeping your team well-informed about the lifting industry standards, latest updates & news, tool box talks and, we allow our clients to create their own training sessions.

Working with us, you have peace of mind knowing that the documentation and reporting needed for OSHA compliance is all taken care of. Everything will be prepared by us for you in real time, from transcripts, certificates, wallet cards and practical assessment’s so you can easily manage the crew.