Industrial Hoist – Overhead Crane with Signal Person, Hand, Audible and Radio


Course contents are presented and recorded for OSHA compliance. Meets all state and federal guidelines in the USA. Simply add the number of licenses you need to your cart and checkout. Your courses will be available within seconds!



Overhead Crane Training and Testing provides Overhead Crane Operators with the training and testing required for OSHA compliance. This online Overhead Crane Training and Testing course covers everything you need to know relating to Preoperative Inspections, General Operating Procedures, Hand Signals, OSHA Regulations, ASME B30 Standards, Safe Working Load Limits, Rigging Equipment and Basic Rigging procedures. Built for the operator with easy to use audio enabled interactions and simple navigation through the program.

The online overhead crane training course is complete with electronic record keeping, testing and documentation required to meet the OSHA requirements.

This course takes 4-5 hours to complete you have 90 days to complete the program, stop and start whenever time permits. Simply add the number of Licenses you need to your shopping cart and check your email for log-in information.

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What to expect:


1.  Online Overhead Crane Training can be accessed anytime anywhere, eliminating being away in a classroom.

2.  The courses were built by field tested operators for operators.

3.  Our team has taken some of the most difficult concepts and presented them in a format that lays an educational foundation from the ground up.

4.  The learning management system is designed to help operators understand their progress in real time which dramatically improves the learning curve.

5.  The audio, video and animation provides an innovative and engaging experience.

6.  Once each learning session is completed you will have a quiz, your results are delivered in real time, and this feature gives you the opportunity to review your results and move ahead.

7.  All Training courses are developed in compliance with OSHA, ANSI and ASME.